3,876 BTC



81 BTC


1.10m GNO


$12 - $14

฿0.00337721 - ฿0.00386180


$461 -97.38%

฿0.07486525 -95.31%

1-Year ROI

Dec 11, 2017

Buyers 14%

across 11 markets

86% Sellers

What is Gnosis?

The Gnosis project leverages the power of the Ethereum blockchain to create a decentralized market prediction platform. Its ambition is the creation of the ultimate collection of specific subject knowledge. This is because anyone can utilize the platform and harness the wisdom of the masses by asking a question and gathering information from humans or AI alike. The base network currency is the GNO token. The utility of GNO tokens is that when locked in a smart contract, they generate OWL the secondary currency of the Gnosis network. OWL tokens are used to pay fees associated with market making and the process of voting. Voting is conducted by creating a specific outcome tokens i.e. a token for every outcome. Users buy the most likely outcome tokens and get rewarded if the outcome is correct. The results of the events in questions are provided by oracles that bridge the real world and blockchain.

Market Name Traded On Average Price 24h Volume
GNO/BTC upBit, HitBTC, Cryptopia, YoBit 0.00346213 BTC $159,338
GNO/USD Kraken 12.07 USD $86,215
GNO/EUR Kraken 10.63 EUR $16,563
GNO/ETH upBit, HitBTC, YoBit 0.13588651 ETH $16,288
GNO/THB Bitcoin Exchange Thailand 415.93 THB $962
GNO/DOGE YoBit 6,226.99 DOGE $0
24h Volume $159,338
Market pair traded On
24h Volume $86,215
Market pair traded On
24h Volume $16,563
Market pair traded On
24h Volume $16,288
Market pair traded On
24h Volume $962
Market pair traded On
24h Volume $0
Market pair traded On

Fundamental Cryptocurrency Data

Symbol GNO
Name Gnosis
Algorithm ERC20
Circulating supply 1,104,590 GNO
Official website
Trading volume of all markets for this coin $279,374
Gnosis GNO Prices 0.00350903 BTC
$12.07 USD
€10.63 EUR
£9.61 GBP
13,642.48 KRW
1,364.95 JPY
16.80 AUD
16.18 CAD
11.94 CHF
83.43 CNY
0.01 XAU (= 0.28) grams GOLD
0.83 XAG (= 23.53) grams SILVER
Marketcap 3,876 BTC
$13,318,962 USD
€11,727,425.82 EUR
£10,603,212.20 GBP
15,054,156,191.50 KRW
1,506,186,787.04 JPY
18,535,093.51 AUD
17,851,577.70 CAD
13,180,298.13 CHF
92,060,957.27 CNY
303.36 kg gold
25,980.72 kg silver