3,048 BTC



174 BTC


50.22m RDN


$0.2135 - $0.2498

฿0.00006037 - ฿0.00006724


$9 -97.62%

฿0.00062800 -90.34%

1-Year ROI

Jan 20, 2018

Buyers 42%

across 11 markets

58% Sellers

What is Raiden Network?

The Raiden network is envisioned as the Ethereum blockchain’s additional layer. An off-chain scaling solution for ERC20 tokens and their rising transaction demand. It proposes the usage of "Payment channels" (PCs) technology, ensuring near instant, low fee, secure transactions. PCs act as a blockchain based token escrow providing the proof of balance to exchanging parties. This allows token transactions without an on-chain record for each of them. Only the opening and closing of PCs are recorded on the blockchain and incur gas fees. Two users can transact by opening a bi-directional channel. The Raiden network's routing protocol conducts transfers outside the bi-directional channels. The RDN token is an incentive mechanism for the auxiliary services providers (full nodes, developers etc.). Users could pay the fees for better network experience. RDN's are also used for micropayments on µRaiden (Micro Raiden) network which is focused is on frequent unidirectional transactions.

Market Name Traded On Average Price 24h Volume
RDN/BTC Binance, Huobi, Bibox 0.00006048 BTC $505,712
RDN/ETH Binance, Huobi, Bibox,, Bitfinex 0.00182330 ETH $77,714
RDN/KRW Bithumb 243.00 KRW $16,745
RDN/BNB Binance 0.03319000 BNB $12,265
RDN/USDT 0.21320000 USDT $7,821
24h Volume $505,712
Market pair traded On
24h Volume $77,714
Market pair traded On
24h Volume $16,745
Market pair traded On
24h Volume $12,265
Market pair traded On
24h Volume $7,821
Market pair traded On

Fundamental Cryptocurrency Data

Symbol RDN
Name Raiden Network
Algorithm ERC20
Circulating supply 50,218,936 RDN
Official website
Trading volume of all markets for this coin $620,249
Raiden Network RDN Prices 0.00006068 BTC
$0.2157 USD
€0.19 EUR
£0.17 GBP
242.94 KRW
23.68 JPY
0.30 AUD
0.29 CAD
0.21 CHF
1.46 CNY
0.00 XAU (= 0.00) grams GOLD
0.01 XAG (= 0.28) grams SILVER
Marketcap 3,048 BTC
$10,834,261 USD
€9,526,728.21 EUR
£8,409,770.08 GBP
12,199,936,785.96 KRW
1,189,329,992.11 JPY
15,114,758.35 AUD
14,362,470.60 CAD
10,788,865.45 CHF
73,443,288.49 CNY
239.65 kg gold
20,027.27 kg silver