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383.02m SUB


$0.03751380 - $0.04411388

฿0.00001089 - ฿0.00001276


$275 -99.98%

฿0.02975505 -99.96%

1-Year ROI

Dec 12, 2017

Buyers 19%

across 4 markets

81% Sellers

What is Substratum?

The Substrate ERC20 token and its lower denomination - Atom, are what powers the Substratum network. The Substratum project looks to create a decentralized, publicly owned internet. Allowing the users to vote upon the network's content removes the centralized censorship. The Substratum redefines the network hosting concept, by incentivizing people who usually use the internet, to run it. Any user "lending" their computing power by running a node, gets paid in Substrate tokens. The companies and individuals who wish to run a website or app would pay them with previously acquired SUB. The fees aren't made for uptime, but for the data that nodes actually relay to the end users. The project promises the integration of CryptoPay, a service similar to Paypal, but with a wider selection of fiat and cryptocurrencies. The SUB token acts as a conversion currency within the CyptoPay. That allows users to pay with one currency and service providers or sellers to receive payment in another.

Market Name Traded On Average Price 24h Volume
SUB/BTC Binance, Kucoin, HitBTC, YoBit 0.00001225 BTC $53,601
24h Volume $53,601
Market pair traded On

Fundamental Cryptocurrency Data

Symbol SUB
Name Substratum
Circulating supply 383,021,000 SUB
Official website
Trading volume of all markets for this coin $53,603
Substratum SUB Prices 0.00001224 BTC
$0.0416 USD
€0.04 EUR
£0.03 GBP
46.91 KRW
4.72 JPY
0.06 AUD
0.06 CAD
0.04 CHF
0.29 CNY
0.00 XAU (= 0.00) grams GOLD
0.00 XAG (= 0.00) grams SILVER
Marketcap 4,690 BTC
$15,929,969 USD
€14,064,712.69 EUR
£12,736,631.21 GBP
17,967,809,891.13 KRW
1,807,549,647.92 JPY
22,062,385.31 AUD
21,309,311.98 CAD
15,814,763.12 CHF
109,688,985.14 CNY
362.75 kg gold
30,896.07 kg silver