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701 BTC


288.43m POLY


$0.1168 - $0.1262

฿0.00003299 - ฿0.00003394


$1.19 -90.01%

฿0.00013319 -75.04%

Buyers 46%

across 15 markets

54% Sellers

What is Polymath Network?

The Polymath network’s ultimate goal is bridging the gap between traditional securities market and blockchain cryptomarket. The Polymath team commits to create a secure, decentralized platform for tokenizing all kinds of existing and future securities (shares, bonds, equities etc.). This tokenization process will be possible by consulting business, technology and legal professionals in order to create the ST20 security token standard. These tokens will allow investors to participate in the next generation of IPO’s regulated by smart contracts. Unlike utility tokens, the ST20 will provide asset ownership instead of utility. The POLY token is an ERC20 standard compliant Ethereum token. It is used as a transactional currency within the process of security token issuance. This process on the Polymath platform includes technical, legal and KYC provider support.

Market Name Traded On Average Price 24h Volume
POLY/BTC Binance, upBit, Huobi, Coinbene, Bittrex, Poloniex, Kucoin, Bitrue 0.00003330 BTC $1,265,031
POLY/KRW upBit, Bithumb 132.00 KRW $1,117,981
POLY/ETH Huobi, upBit, Bittrex, Kucoin, IDEX 0.00100600 ETH $126,053
24h Volume $1,265,031
24h Volume $1,117,981
Market pair traded On
24h Volume $126,053
Market pair traded On

Fundamental Cryptocurrency Data

Symbol POLY
Name Polymath Network
Algorithm ERC20
Circulating supply 288,427,107 POLY
Trading volume of all markets for this coin $2,503,423
Polymath Network POLY Prices 0.00003325 BTC
$0.1187 USD
€0.10 EUR
£0.09 GBP
134.25 KRW
13.01 JPY
0.17 AUD
0.16 CAD
0.12 CHF
0.81 CNY
0.00 XAU (= 0.00) grams GOLD
0.01 XAG (= 0.28) grams SILVER
Marketcap 9,591 BTC
$34,246,932 USD
€30,101,512.10 EUR
£26,631,818.44 GBP
38,719,698,394.56 KRW
3,753,720,597.75 JPY
47,839,402.30 AUD
45,500,542.33 CAD
34,144,259.68 CHF
232,758,930.78 CNY
759.07 kg gold
63,693.89 kg silver