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23 BTC


55.02m ETP

of 100m ETP total



$0.4879 - $1.36

฿0.00013428 - ฿0.00037984


$6.42 -90.63%

฿0.00188800 -84.12%

1-Year ROI

Feb 18, 2018

Buyers 30%

across 7 markets

70% Sellers

What is Metaverse Entropy?

The Metaverse project's name originates from the science fiction novel "Snow Crash" in which world humans interact virtually through their avatars. Leveraging blockchain technology, the Metaverse project aims at turning that fictitious world a reality. However, Metaverse primarily focuses on enterprises to use their platform as a BaaS (Blockchain as a Service). Their model for utilizing the benefits of blockchain is dubbed BISC (Built-In Smart Contract) and it relies on recognizing the relationships between people and people and assets alike. The BISC would enable users to issue their own Digital assets (MST), to create Avatars, Oracles and have the ability to exchange value. The platforms native currency is Entropy (ETP) and it is a utility coin. It can be used for transaction fees, determining the value of the MST's, as a collateral in financial transactions and beyond. The ETP is distributed by a PoW protocol that will be switched for a DPoS or PoS protocol.

Market Name Traded On Average Price 24h Volume
ETP/USD Bitfinex 0.60131000 USD $66,676
ETP/BTC Bitfinex, EXX, HitBTC, Bit-Z 0.00029988 BTC $17,991
ETP/ETH Bitfinex, HitBTC 0.00426861 ETH $1,900
24h Volume $66,676
Market pair traded On
24h Volume $17,991
Market pair traded On
24h Volume $1,900
Market pair traded On

Fundamental Cryptocurrency Data

Symbol ETP
Name Metaverse Entropy
Circulating supply 55,020,404 ETP
Total Supply 100,000,000 ETP
Official website
Trading volume of all markets for this coin $86,556
Metaverse Entropy ETP Prices 0.00029988 BTC
$0.6013 USD
€0.53 EUR
£0.47 GBP
676.05 KRW
66.46 JPY
0.84 AUD
0.80 CAD
0.60 CHF
4.07 CNY
0.00 XAU (= 0.00) grams GOLD
0.04 XAG (= 1.13) grams SILVER
Marketcap 16,500 BTC
$61,458,940 USD
€54,303,337.12 EUR
£47,585,383.30 GBP
69,097,856,086.67 KRW
6,793,271,750.12 JPY
85,918,369.01 AUD
81,308,272.46 CAD
61,645,959.61 CHF
416,279,838.65 CNY
1,315.27 kg gold
110,072.31 kg silver