Market Cap: $259.43B / BTC Dominance: 64% / Cryptos: 6948 / Markets: 13710
Market Cap: $259.43B / BTC Dominance: 64%
Cryptos: 6948 / Markets: 13710
Coin.Market (CryptoCoinCharts) is comprised of a team of individuals all over the world. We're passionate about cryptocurrency and eager to offer our advice and services in helping ventures grow. Crowdfunding through an Initial Coin Offering is a very innovative and novel way of raising funds, but the facilitation of such projects still needs firm foundations to survive in such a competitive setting.

Success through experience with our services

Our team's experience can assist project leaders take their concept to the next level and come one step closer to successfully seizing the amazing opportunity that decentralized fundraising provides. Below is a list of services Coin.Market and its partners can offer.

Solidity Development

Solidity is the programing language used by ethereum smart contracts. Smart contracts are one of Ethereum's most fundamental and innovative features. Every smart contract needs to have robust and secure code in it's core while distributing tokens. This is the most vital part in raising funds through Ethereum blockchain.

Furthermore, functions of the project's platform can also be expressed in smart contracts. This is especially important for projects that look to implement part or even all of their
functions programmatically and in a trustless manner, through Ethereum's blockchain. Coin.Market' partners can help projects with the implementation of their concept by writing robust, secure and thoroughly tested code for them.

ERC20 and ERC223 Token Development

ERC20 is the standard Ethereum tokens are set to follow for their issuance. Every project looking to fundraise should have a contract ready based on the Ethereum token standard (ERC20) prior to the ICO's release. Coin.Market can assist their partners in creating a token issuance contract that would better suit their needs.
ERC223 token standards advantages:
  • Eliminates the problem of lost tokens which happens during the transfer of ERC20 tokens to a contract (when people mistakenly use the instructions for sending tokens to a wallet)
  • Allows developers to handle incoming transactions and reject unsupported tokens
  • Cuts the gas cost in half - which means no extra blockchain bloating.

Security Checks and Audits

There have been many instances of hacking and exploitation of security holes with ICOs and their code. Safeguarding investor funds and securing the project's integrity is a serious responsibility each ICO's team has. Coin.Market' security experts are here to assist in maintaining security with our services. We offer security checks for the solidity codebase of projects and pen-testing of smart contracts.

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